Over 23 years of combined experience in Complex Chronic Disease management.

Heather Mitchell, Office Ninja

Description of all things "ninja" to come. 😉

Dr. MaryK Geyer

Dr. MaryK Geyer is the Founder of Empower Integrative Health, Naturopathic Physician, and Educator. She is a mom, wife, and avid hiker. She has a passion for family practice, chronic disease management, and is a top SIBO expert. Being a Naturopathic Doctor she approaches your health and acute and chronic needs from a holistic approach including nutrition, lifestyle management, and when needed, medication. Learn more about Dr. Geyer here.

Marian Mitchell, Health Coach

Marian Mitchell is our Health Coach. She specializes in helping our patients implement the diet side of our treatment plans. She can take any set of food restrictions (due to intolerances, allergies, SIBO, and other disorders) and does all the hard work for you. She supports you by providing you meal plans, recipes, dining out, and travel guides so that you can live your life and get healthy all at the same time. Learn more about Marian here.