You are suffering from a lot of seemingly unrelated symptoms and to this point, no one doctor has been able to give you solid answers. They throw different prescriptions at you and/or tell you it's all in your head. You KNOW that there's something going on and there MUST be a way to fix it.

You're right. There is!

You aren't crazy. You aren't stuck feeling like crap forever. You now have a team that will find the root cause of your complex health conditions, give you a treatment plan that will work, and very soon you'll have your life back.

OR, is this your experience....You call your doctor and the receptionist (if you reach one!) says, "Date of Birth?".  That's what you are to them, a medical record number and date of birth.  Each time you go in, you are shuffled through the conveyer belt of their office.  No one knows you, or remembers anything about you. You check-in, led to an exam room where you are left for awhile, maybe a medical assistant pops in and out (and maybe in and out a few times), then you see a PA or nurse.  Hey, if it's a specialist, you may even see the doctor directly for a few minutes.  This IS NOT healthcare, this is a sick-care system.   And we refuse to be part of that system.  You, your health, and your story matter to us.  Our patients receive the level of care we would want for our own family.

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Get The Care You Deserve And Feel Better Faster.

Here's how we work.

Consolidated & Comprehensive Medical Care


You no longer need to go to 3 or more different specialists. Our medical team are experts in complex chronic disease and are able to help you all in one place.

Personalized & Fully Integrative Treatment Protocols

What works for one person may not work for another. Our treatment protocols use a blend of pharmaceutical, natural and lifestyle therapies so you feel better, faster.  

Other Doctor's don't take the whole person into account. We do.

We've been where you are.  

When my first was born we were told he would die during his childhood from a diagnosis we later found out he did not have.

Without this experience, I honestly wouldn't fight so hard for you. If I hadn't experienced the other end of countless doctors/specialists, lab work-ups, imaging, tests, and more tests, and procedures. Each specialist could not see beyond their limited focus, doctors we'd seen for years still didn't know his name, and the conveyer belt of medicine just kept going while we lost time, money, and energy to dead-ends and "we have nothing left to offer" answers.

No one should have to experience this, and now, you don't have to.

What You Can Expect When You're Ready to Make an Appointment:

To Get Scheduled: 

  • Give our office a call, and our amazing team will make sure you are taken care of!

Before Your First Visit: 

  • We'll send you our electronic consents, records releases, and your new patient questionnaire, which must be submitted at least a week before your visit. 
  • We want you to send us records ahead of your visit. We promise we actually read them!

  **There is nothing more frustrating than filling out long intakes, only to arrive to an appointment where the doctor never glanced at them.  You will not experience that here.  Dr. Geyer reads every line, to make the best use of your time together!**

At Your First Visit: 

  • You have up to 90 minutes with Dr. Geyer at your first visit. Yep, that’s your time WITH the doc!  During this time, she'll take a thorough medical history, do a screening physical exam, and explain her medical thinking process.  Then she'll discuss suggested work-up, taking insurance or lack of insurance into account for the individual, and stratify from most to least important work-up.  
  • If you need labs, imaging, prescriptions, we do the heavy lifting to compare costs and get you the best deals in town (wherever you live).

After Your First Visit: 

  • We will get you scheduled for a blood draw for comprehensive labs. Did you know that we offer both in-office AND in-home draws now, for your convenience??? Wait, what? You’re still dragging your butt into the doctor’s office or lab first thing in the morning, and starving?! Nah, we’ve got ya covered.

What to Expect At Your Second (Treatment) Visit:

  • In your second visit, we’ll discuss your results at length- literally line by line- and treatment options.  There are so many ways to get to the same outcome.  Discussing treatment options means we'll discuss effectiveness, cost, risk & benefit, layering and/or phases of treatments, etc..  Empowering people in their healthcare is a core value to us.  This means that Dr. Geyer won't hand you a cookie cutter plan.  OPTIONS, means you co-create your best plan with her, one that works for AND with you.  

Follow-up Appointments:

  • Follow-up visit intervals will be based on your specific needs.  Again, we just don't do cookie-cutter medicine here.  Follow-up visits generally range from 30-60 minutes of face-to-face time with the doctor.