“After 20 plus years of seeing doctors and some alternative doctors, I went to see Dr. Geyer. In one session, with blood tests and a few questions regarding symptoms, she provided me more info, viable treatment options, explanations, and hope than all the others put together. She has a way of getting right to it and cutting through all the noise. Looking forward to working with her to get my health to where it was intended.” ~ NR

Dr. Geyer is an out-of-the box and intuitive doctor who has helped me and my family with our healthcare needs. She focused on preventative care and is extremely knowledgeable in all fields of medicine. She will definitely be your medical advocate when in need and keep you and your family up to date with the latest research and supplements available. I give Dr. Geyer 5 stars for being our family’s rockstar doc! ~ MS

“I have been a patient of Dr Geyer for nearly ten years and have followed her to every location. In addition to years of wonderful guidance, compassion and healing I have been happy to receive acupuncture and totally painless (no, really! I am a giant wimp) nutrient shots.

The care, patience and non-judgment that Dr Geyer practices is matched only by her brilliant combo of rigorous technical book smarts and intuitive understanding. It took me years of unsuccessful conventional doctors and suffering before I found Dr Geyer. She has efficienctly and successfully treated me for everything.. colds, flu, well women exams, skin issues, extreme fatigue, and very rare stuff that was previously “incurable.” We are SO lucky to have a resource like this in our town! If you are tired, sick, or in pain, she can help you or get you to a person who will.” ~ Tracy P.

” Dr. Geyer was very highly recommended to me by my sister who has been a patient of Dr. Geyer for the last three years –

I was really looking forward to my first visit and meeting with Dr. Geyer because I had heard so many wonderful things about her and and how detailed she is- to say that she is very detailed is putting it mildly, she doesn’t miss a thing!

My first visit with her was about 2 1/2 hours long, we talked and she asked questions about me on everything from head to toe – I have never had a doctor spend so much time and give so much attention to me before –

She is very professional, very educated and smart, So very understanding, and the most warm and caring person, very wonderful bedside manner! She has a natural approach to medicine and is almost scientific with diagnosing and figuring out everything that her patients are experiencing – I have already learned So much, and look forward to many years of Dr. Geyer being my doctor! ?” ~ Candise C.

“Dr. Geyer was excellent! She took very good care of me and helped me recover from a grade 4 sprain in my calf using Traumeel & Spascupreel natural injections for pain and injury healing. These injections were very beneficial and my recovery time was cut in half and now I’m on my back to training. Highly recommend her!” ~ Coach V.

“Dr. Geyer is incredible! I have been seeing her for about 2 years now. She understands my story, remembers my visits and what we discussed, and is very timely with follow up. She doesn’t attack with medication, but rather helps eliminate potential issues one at a time to narrow down what the root cause of my problems are. She’s taught me a lot about my own body and I continue to feel better and better. I highly recommend going to visit her!” ~ Courtney B.

“We just found Dr. Geyer … last week per a friend’s recommendation. We have been in to the office twice in the past few days due to an onset of an allergy related breathing issue with our 8 year old son. Dr. Geyer has been such a blessing. She is kind, knowledgeable, and she listens – we could not be more excited to be new patients. The office is staff is also very efficient and friendly. Thank you Dr. Geyer!!! We will be recommending you every chance we get.” ~ Shelby M.

“I’ve been seeing Dr Geyer for roughly one and a half years. In that time she has been patient and persistent, and I’m so grateful for her. I was looking for a doctor that would listen to me- I had spent over a decade being dismissed as a hypochondriac by other doctors- and as a result of her care, I’m healthier than I’ve been in years. I see Dr Geyer for multiple issues (hormonal, gastrointestinal, and a few others), each of which has improved under her guidance. If you, or someone you know, has been struggling with health- getting a diagnosis or supportive treatments- I’d highly recommend Dr Geyer. She listens, she cares in a way that shows an obvious investment in your well being, and she’s easy to talk to. She cares for the patient as a whole person, not just the individual symptoms. “ ~ Stacey P.

“I’ll start this review by first telling you I was not a “believer” in the touchy-feely art of naturopathic medicine. There, I said it. So.. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I began seeing a traditional Doctor where he prescribed the expected treatment. It didn’t work well for me and I continued to suffer and sadly, miss quite a bit of work as a result. I was left with questions about my condition, treatment and attention to the “root” of the problem. My partner mentioned to me his connection to Dr. Geyer and how he thought she could help. My first appointment was over two hours. I had never experienced anything like this. So many questions… For good reason though. Dr. Geyer started to recognize some issues right away and I began a new regiment of supplements and restrictions to my diet. I was slightly resistant to the ideas but my pain told me to push on. Now three appointments later I’m feeling better than ever. I’m continuing the traditional meds as well as the regiment from Dr. Geyer. In the end I feel comfortable giving Dr. Geyer and SCNM 5 ‘s. Now if they can just get rid of the piped in flute music. “ ~Mike S. 

“Dr. Geyer is amazing. She has provided a safe space for me to open up and discuss all things related to my health. She is very intentional in her care and makes me feel like I’m working with her, rather than a doctor just telling you what to do. She is easy going, and great to work with. “ Ashley R.

“ Dr Geyer is an amazing Doctor. She takes so much time with patients and really gets to know them. Best doctor I’ve ever had!!! Love the fact that she supports natural medical care but in certain situations she also incorporate more traditional medicine/care. Best of both worlds. Blessed to be under her care!!! Dr. Geyer is awesome. “ ~ Sherrie Y. 

“ Dr. Geyer is an extraordinary physician who is helping me deal with kidney and back pain issues with acupuncture. The results have been eye opening. I’ve stopped getting steroid injections for my back and put off cervical spine surgery with the blessing of my surgeon. At the same time we’re getting my body chemistry in shape with the goal stopping the several Rx I’ve been taking. Don’t hesitate scheduling an appointment with her. Afterwards you’ll feel optimistic and able to deal with health issues like never before. “ ~ Bob. G. 

“ Dr. Geyer, is an amazing, knowledgeable, passionate Dr. who will go above and beyond for her pts. I saw Dr. Geyer when I had a terrible infection, I thought i was going to die, I felt miserable, lost and in pain. Dr. Geyer with her magical personality helped me through it calmly, with a smiling face. I felt like I was in good hands. During and after the office visit i felt cured, even though i had a long way to go. Any how , I followed her instructions and i healed fairly quickly! I would recommend her anytime to everyone i know. Her skills, knowledge and kind personality make her the best Caring Doctor you will ever know. Thank u Dr. Geyer, and God Bless You! “ ~ Fatima A. 

“ Dr MaryK was not only my teacher but my kids primary and she excelled at both. She not only has immense knowledge but she is caring and compassionate. I cannot say enough about her and what she’s done for me and my family!” ~ Courtney A. 

“Dr. Geyer is amazing. She has so much patience for her patients. She is a fantastic diagnostician, and listens to her patients with an open heart. Her talent for teaching extends to all those around her, from her children, to her students and of course those that come to her see at her medical practice. Another of Dr. Geyers’s gifts is to truly listen and implore people to search out answers for ways to make life better.” ~Sunny U. 

“ My family and I have been seeing Dr. Geyer for several years now. From everyday wellness and the occasional cold to stitches and minor surgical procedures, Dr. Geyer has been incredible! She is warm, personable, and always put us ease. Dr. Geyer goes above and beyond during the appointment, and follows up regularly to make sure we’re all doing better. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you, Dr. Geyer!” ~Damien S. 

“Dr. Geyer was such a blessing to have as a teacher! She’s very patient, thorough, and knowledgeable. She took the time to answer my questions and helped guide me to find deeper answers on my own. After six years she’s still a resource I’m so thankful to have in my corner.” ~Kimberley W. 

“I needed a doctor that would listen and that would want to help me get better. Dr. Geyer was excellent and highly recommend. She is very thorough and so pleasant! When I left the office for the first time I cried. I felt like finally I was getting the treatment and support I need. Thank you!” ~Zoe O.

“ I see Dr. Geyer and she takes her time to listen to me and any concerns I may have. She answers my questions and explains things to me to ensure I completely understand! If you’re looking for doctors that care and take their time with you, you’ve found your place!!!” ~ Jacquie C. 

“ Dr. Geyer is amazing! I’m so happy I found her… I’m dealing with several chronic health issues, but I’m now feeling better than I have in years! I’m so grateful to Dr. Geyer and the entire office. They treat the entire person, not just symptoms. They’re very informed with the latest and best treatments, both natural and mainstream. She really listens and encourages you to participate in your care. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.” ~Michelle D. 

“Great experience with Dr. Geyer! She listened to everything i was concerned about and having problems with and was SO very knowledgeable. She was also very compassionate and took the time to explain everything to me to make sure I understood and was on the same page as her. The front desk staff was also great on the phone and in person. Would definitely recommend.” ~ Carrie H.