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The medical system is broken, and you’re suffering because of it. 

(But you already 
knew that)

It’s no wonder many people have lost all faith in the healthcare establishment, especially when:


Your doctor rushes through your appointment, like you’re just a number 


It constantly feels like you have to self diagnose, only to be told it’s all in your head


Insurance and big pharma regulate your care, putting blinders on what’s available to you


You never seem to get better, in fact the problems are compounding

The old way doesn’t work for us either.

It’s time to regain control of your life 
and get the healthcare you deserve.

Personal attention

Our doctor/patient relationship is built on openness, trust, and access. We’re committed to taking unhurried time to understand what you’re going through and really listen. You will feel heard and known

Thorough education

From understanding your labs and options to creating your custom treatment plan, we’ll give you a clear grasp on the objectives and game plan. You’ll feel confident and empowered, and never have to do your own research or advocate for your care alone again. 

Comprehensive treatment

We aren’t in the business of simply treating symptoms, because your whole body matters. We’ll get to the root cause of your issues, and explore all the parts of your body that it affects, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Forget everything you know about
traditional healthcare.

And reimagine it with us.

Medicine should never have been about simply throwing a prescription at a single symptom or letting insurance coverage dictate care. It should be about compassion, validation, relationships, and healing... about pulling pieces from the best of Western Medicine, Science, and Naturopathy to solve even the most chronic puzzle, as efficiently as possible. 

At Empower Integrative Health, we look at it all comprehensively to find the smartest, most effective solutions, at the very best cost, so you and your family can thrive.

Dr. MaryK Geyer has practiced integrative medicine for 17 years, and trained many of the area’s practitioners. Her approach relies on a combination of the most comprehensive labs available and your unique story, to create a 3-dimensional picture of your health. She then creates a custom plan including the newest advances in medicine, longevity, and good old fashioned common sense, to help you get better faster.

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Learn more about Dr. Geyer and the team

They are kind, caring, professional and very helpful. For many years I have had an auto immune condition that I have been dealing with and have never had any improvement with it. Then I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis by two different rheumatologists about seven years ago. Both doctors recommended medication options that came with potential serious side effects. Which I was definitely uncomfortable with because I didn't want to expose myself to the possibility of further health complications, as I already had enough to deal with everyday. Unfortunately, neither doctor offered any alternative approaches or more natural treatments or any further, more in depth, testing to be sure this is what I was dealing with. So, I have just been living with these health issues and barely enjoying life much anymore.

Thankfully, I found Dr. Geyer, who thoroughly reviewed my tests and delivered unexpected news - I did not have rheumatoid arthritis! Dr. Geyer provided me with a treatment plan, and I am finally feeling much better, almost like myself again.

Before seeing Dr. Geyer, my daily life was a constant struggle. Simple tasks like grocery shopping, walking the dog, playing with my granddaughter, and even going to work were incredibly challenging due to having zero energy and constant, intense pain. Now, after following Dr. Geyer's treatment plan, my life is finally improving. I can go shopping, walk the dog, play with my granddaughter, clean, go out to eat, travel. I have more energy and desire to do things and less pain while doing them. The difference is noticeable and I can't wait to continue improving my health.

This is all possible because Dr. Geyer took the time to listen, understand, and offer alternative approaches beyond conventional medicine. Her commitment to providing health-centered and natural treatment options is truly a blessing.


"Dr. Mary K Geyer at Empower Integrative Health and her staff are truly amazing!"

When no other doctor seems to have an idea of what to do or how to even try a treatment she has some idea. I have been seeing Dr. Geyer for almost 15 years. She initially diagnosed me with Hashimotos after seeing her for severe allergies. Upon the diagnosis she gave me protocols to treat it naturally to try to get it in remission. Under her care I have successfully had my Hashimoto's in remission multiple times now and am currently pregnant. Aside from treating auto-immune conditions she has the perfect blend of modern medicine and alternative approaches. When you truly need antibiotics or steroids etc. she will use them, but also provide options for when you have a cold etc. or other ailments that you might have. She truly becomes a partner in your health caring about how you feel and how to get you back to healthy. I recommend her to all of my friends, especially those that have not had success with normal doctors. I wish all doctors were like Dr. Geyer, although it is also what makes her one of a kind.


"I call Dr. Geyer the doctor of weird $hit"

I was diagnosed with SIBO about two years before I started going to her. I went to several different doctors across the valley and nutritionists to try to cure it, but I was never successful. After 2 years off struggling and getting worse I found Dr. Geyer! She is a doctor that is patient and takes the time to truly make her patients feel heard and understood. She made me feel confident that she would be able to treat my SIBO. She worked with me in creating a treatment plan and we scheduled followed ups to make sure we were consistently moving in the right direction. SIBO can take a long time to cure, and finally after 1 year we cured it! I cried tears of joy! Without Dr. Geyer and her incredible staff I would still be struggling today. I am so incredibly thankful for Dr. Geyer! She truly gave me my life back!


"Dr. Geyer is the absolute best!"

 After my lengthy intake where she truly listened to my 55 years of history I was told we would be doing a lot of labs and tests, so thankful we did. I learned so much that past bloodwork had just not caught. Genetic testing, food sensitivity tests, stool samples, urinalysis, saliva test, toxin screens and yes lots of bloodwork. We came up with a treatment plan together embracing western and alternative modalities. In a very short amount of time I began to improve. I am feeling better than I have in probably 10 years and have established new healthy routines that support my physical and mental health. I'm off many meds and my body is healing itself as I slowly build back its foundation. I'm a patient for life, Dr. Geyer has truly been an angel.


"Dr. Geyer is amazing!"

"You have to be one of the most authentic, sincere, compassionate & genuine humans I know! This alone makes you 1000 times over one of the few yet most brilliant medical professionals I know! I have such gratitude that god and the universe had our paths cross (it's been 15yrs!) We're so blessed to have your support and expertise, and you've the most lovely soul- its stunning.


"Celebrating you doc!"

What to expect:


We allot 90 minutes for every initial consultation, so we have plenty of time to dive into your medical and family history, symptoms and issues, and get to know each other.  We’ll also schedule your labs (most often covered by insurance).


At a second 90-minute appointment, we’ll review the results together. You’ll be able to ask questions and get answers so we can make the best treatment choices and outline our strategic plan for getting to the root of your symptoms.


As you progress in your journey to health, we’ll adjust and tweak your treatment periodically to answer any new questions you may have, eliminate medications or supplements you no longer need, and optimize your results.

Schedule your first appointment.

Discuss your results.

Dial in your plan.

That’s how we empower our patients differently. The time we spend together is yours. Informed choices about your health are yours. And with our support, your healing journey belongs to you. 

Don’t let another moment pass feeling less than your best. 

You don’t have to settle for poor treatment, impersonal care, or chronic conditions anymore. Let our team give you the attention, help, and hope you deserve.

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