• Save Time, Frustration, and Money

    You are not a set of individual symptoms. You are a person and every part of the body is connected. We look at the body as a whole and use a variety of conventional and alternative treatments to help get you feeling better, faster.

  • In-Office & TeleHealth Appointments

    First up is meeting with Dr. Geyer. We require all your medical history and intake paperwork before your appointment. Dr. Geyer reviews it all (we understand this may be 5-6 inches thick, that's okay. We promise she reads it all) before meeting with you either in-office or via TeleHealth. Your appointment will last approximately 90-minutes. Yes, that is face-to-face time with the doctor.

    If you are not sure this is the right office for you, give us a call.  Our new patient coordinator is happy to answer all of your questions ahead of time!

  • Labs

    At the end of your first appointment, Dr. Geyer will stratify all recommendations for testing and thoroughly review with you.  

    If you have insurance, we will try to run as much through insurance as possible.  If we recommend testing not covered by insurance, we work hard to find you the best pricing.  We will always stratify testing, and you are in charge of where and how quickly we go based on what you believe is best for you.  

    High Deductible, or no insurance?  Don't worry.  We work closely with many different labs, and do all the side-by-side cost comparisons, to ensure you get the best testing for the most cost-effective pricing we can facilitate.   Our goals are for you to be able to afford excellent care, without crippling lab bills. 

    What next?  We will set you up for a blood draw.  For the convenience of our patients, we now offer in-home phlebotomy as well...  No more dragging yourself, starving, to a brick and mortar building! 

    Coming in 2022/2023!  In our effort to make access to care more achievable, we will connect people with some non-insurance tests that were previously only accessible through establishing care.  These tests will not require a visit, and will not be interpreted by a physician.  Stay tuned!

  • Your Follow-Up Appointment

    After your lab results have been received, your second appointment will be scheduled. Dr. Geyer will walk you through the results line-by-line, explaining in detail what they mean and answer your questions. 

    After this, she will share with you all of your treatment options ranging from pharmaceutical to supplements, diet, and additional treatment options, and together you will pick the best course of action.

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan, Partnering with Road To Living Whole

    Your diet will ultimately make or break your treatment plan. If you require a specialized diet to help you regain your health, Marian with Road to Living Whole will ensure you have meal plans with shopping lists and recipes, all the tips and tricks for living in and outside of the home, and more. The transition will be effortless, the medications and/or supplements will do their job effectively and you'll be well on your way to regaining your health quickly.

  • No Appointment Necessary Meal Plans and Labs

    We understand that after being seen by 5 or more physicians, you want to take your health into your own hands. That's why we offer Therapeutic Diet Meal Plans and certain testing without seeing a member of our team. 

    Our Therapeutic Diet Meal Plans include (Available Now):

    • Food Sensitivities/Healthy Eating Made Easy
    • Low-Mold
    • Low-Oxalate
    • Low-Histamine
    • SIBO
    • Detox

    Labs (Coming Soon in 2022):

    • Stay Tuned!


  • Therapy Toolbox

    Therapy Recommendations are always individualized, and can include (but are not limited to): 

    • Genetics-guided Nutritional Counseling and Weight Loss
    • IV Therapy, including MAH (a.k.a. IV Ozone), NAD+, Glutathione, and more
    • Therapeutic Injections:  Pain, Nutrient, Immune, Iron, Vitamin D
    • Hormone Therapy (Including Thyroid, Female and Male Hormone Management) 
    • Targeted Oral Nutrients
    • Individualized Herbal Therapies
    • Acupuncture and Cupping (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
    • Minor Surgery and Wound Care
    • And More...

    Note:  You must be a patient of the practice to receive therapies.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About our Clinical Services:

    Does Dr. Geyer do family, pediatric, and well-woman visits? Yes, she is happy to provide this care for you/your family.

    Will Dr. Geyer work with my other doctors?  Absolutely.  We strive to make sure we are communicating effectively with all of your healthcare team.

    Can I see Marian without seeing Dr. Geyer?  Absolutely.  Marian has her own company that we partner with called "Road to Living Whole".  Check out her website, social media and podcast.   

    Do I have to be seen in office?  We offer both TeleHealth and In-Office visits at this time.

    I saw Dr. Geyer at a previous practice, and I'm interested in re-establishing care.  What do I need to do?  Call the office and Cristina would be happy to get you set up as a new patient in our clinic.  Your medical records and information are retained by the previous clinic you were seen at.  We will provide a records release to get those added to your new chart with us.

    Do you run labs ahead of the first visit?  We are unable to run labs on someone who has not yet established care.  Lab/imaging orders will be created at your first appointment, if necessary. 

    Do you take insurance? 

    The short answer is "no".  Because if we did, you'd have to remain on the conveyer belt of sick-care and resume being a medical number and date of birth, and we're just not willing to play that sick-care game any longer.

    Let's start with a little visualization we know you and we have experienced:
    You check-in at your doctor's office.  "What's your date of birth?", they'll ask.  (Yes, you are a medical record number and a date of birth).  You'll then sit down and wait...and wait...and wait (I know you checked your watch, cell phone, or the wall clock a few times). 

    Someone calls you back and you get excited.  Maybe you make a stop at the "vitals station" so that they can take your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and weight, before bringing you to a room.  One of two things happens at this point.  Option 1:  Said MA takes a brief history and then steps out, or Option 2:  As soon as you are in the room you get a "the doctor will be right in" or similar version.  After which, you start the "wait game" all over again in your new setting.  

    Finally someone will pop in (I know you're excited again).  The question at this point is who will it be?  It may be the MA again, a medical student, nurse, or PA.  If it's your first visit to that clinic, it may even be the actual doctor (don't be surprised if you don't see that doctor again at a follow-up).  "What brings you in?" they ask.  And from there, it quickly becomes evident that the 15 pages of required intake you filled out ahead of your visit were not actually read by the provider.  With this, you probably begin to rattle off your concerns as quickly as possible, trying to make sure you get everything in during your appointment.  This is where they may stop you to explain that they can only treat 1-3 things at each visit, due to insurance constraints (It seems untrue, but it's actually true).  And then you're done- paper in hand.  You've probably been given a lab order, imaging order, or prescription (or all 3!).  And off you go to figure out on your own what your next steps are supposed to be.

    What the heck just happened?  I know you want to be angry at the office, but it's not them (usually), it's your insurance company.  The insurance companies are the ones who are really pulling the strings and making the rules.  And the office is checking off the boxes that will be required of them when they bill.  The whole office is probably so overwhelmed that they are going to do as much as possible to avoid making more work for themselves.  Unfortunately, this means that the labs or imaging you actually need may not get ordered.  You may get a prescription that they know won't work, because you have to fail that prescription before you get the one that you need, and they can't offer you counseling on something they know you need, because insurance doesn't reimburse for the code they need to bill for that counseling.  meanwhile, you- the patient- is the one that suffers. 

    So the short answer is, our office visits are not in-network.  We do this so that you get the best possible care that we can provide, and that we believe you deserve.  You have one doctor, that you will see every time, for the whole visit.  Our Patient Services Coordinator, Cristina, that will be your personal go-to and will always get back to you.  To circumvent healthcare costs, we bill as much as we can through insurance (labs, imaging, medications, referrals). For our patients with high deductible plans, we find the absolute most competitive cash pay pricing to save them money.  Honestly, we make a lot more work for ourselves, so that you don't have to be left in the cold, trying to figure it all out. We are also happy to provide the appropriate paperwork for your insurance company, to submit for out-of-network reimbursement.  Your medical expenses are a tax write-off, so we will send you a receipt after every visit.  Have more questions?  Give us a call.