As an Integrative Medical Clinic, our goal is to make your journey back to vibrant health as simple as possible.

Along with in-office visits, we offer online programs that include

  • supplements
  • therapeutic diet meal plans
  • customized testing

so we can get to the root cause of your health issues and help you overcome them so you can live your best life.

online nutrition programsFood and nutrition are the foundation of good (and bad) health. We recognize the powerful role food plays and it is a major component in our treatment protocols. Many health issues require a special, and most frequently, short-term therapeutic diet plan to help speed up your recovery. However, change is difficult and often frustrating.

Our health coach, Marian, makes the transition into and out of a therapeutic diet easy with:

  • Done-for-you meal plans
  • Shopping shortcuts
  • In-depth guides to each issue the diet plan is designed for plus;
  • Cooking tips so you’re not spending 2 hours cooking a meal
  • Dining out and travel tips because no one lives in a bubble and life happens outside of the home
  • Coaching sessions for emotional support and getting all your pressing questions answered

Because getting healthy shouldn’t be miserable and hard.

Our Programs

Resolving SIBO







15-Day Detox

detox program








Mold Toxicity

Histamine Intolerance







Low Oxalate







Autoimmune Disease Starter Kit

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    1. Hi Holly! Unfortunately, United Healthcare does not cover visits with Naturopathic Physicians in Arizona at this time (their choice, not ours). We’d be happy to discuss our fees for services.

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